BNR Race Piston

This is the BNR Race piston. This is a custom design piston for xc and mx racing. This piston utilizing stock piston rings for the best wear and easy install.

  • Utilizes OEM Yamaha Rings
  • Includes Rings,Wrist Pin Clips and Piston
  • 13:1 and 11.5:1 ratios available 
  • Last longer and lower oil consumption with oem rings 
  • $229

Aluminum Sleeved Cylinder 

This is a custom aluminum sleeved plated cylinder made for BNR for high heat applications. (The aluminum dissipates heat better than the cast cylinder)

  • Stock bore for 125cc limit
  • Can be replated mulitple times 
  • A must for high heat applications
  • Last longer and lower oil consumption with oem rings 
  • $459 (need core)

Race Cylinder Head porting

Porting and polishing increase airflow into and out of the engine increasing power. You head will be completely disassembled cleaned, ported and reassembled with new seals.

  • More Hp
  • Includes disassembly and assembly work 
  • $399
  • xc1 cam $259 also need heavy duty springs $195
  • xc2 cam $189


Stock crankshaft is balanced and trued for removable of counter balancer, this decreases the rotating mass and allowes the engine to rev quicker.

  • Less rotating mass
  • Let you engine rev faster
  • $305

Lightened Flywheel 

Stock flywheel is machined and Lightened for less rotating mass. This will make your engine rev faster. 

  • Less rotating mass
  • Let you engine rev faster
  • $55

High Performance Clutch

New clutch inner and outer hub that uses 5 fibers instead of the stock 4 fibers

  • Includes stiffer springs
  • Install one more fiber for extra holding power
  • includes steels
  • Must use 5 oem style fibers 
  • $179

CDI box

New CDI box for increased timing and higher rpms

  • increase timing
  • higher rpm limit
  • $169

Kicker Plug

Billet aluminum plug to replace stock plastic plug that is prone to melt with high heat. 

  • Billet Aluminum 
  • Will not leak in high heat conditions 
  • $39

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